Event Management is no longer an isolated speciality, it’s an integral component of the media ecosystem: Sabbas Joseph & Sushma Gaikwad

Event Management is no longer an isolated speciality, it’s an integral component of the media ecosystem: Sabbas Joseph & Sushma Gaikwad

Coming from the pioneers of the event industry in India, Wizcraft MIME is India’s premier event management institute. It has been setting new standards in education since its inception. Many successful event professionals have been trained here and their calibre has become the hallmark widely recognised by the industry.

Adapting to the current situation, the institute has come up with a number of online and hybrid courses. These are specifically designed keeping in mind the current industry needs and provide deep learning to its students.

In this exclusive interview with BW Applause and Everything Experiential, Sabbas Joseph and Sushma Gaikwad, Directors of Wizcraft MIME spoke about the institute’s new offerings, their advice to future event professionals and more. 


Wizcraft MIME is one of the premier institutes providing media and entertainment education, how do you prepare your students for the professional world?

Sabbas Joseph: One of the pivotal aspects of education in the field of events is that students today require in-depth knowledge interwoven with global exposure.

At Wizcraft MIME we provide students with various opportunities to learn and grow as skilled professionals. Blended learning, live projects, simulations, workshops and masterclasses are part of the pedagogy that we've adopted.

Our curriculum has been designed keeping in mind the needs of the industry and the future career graph of our students as nextgen professionals.

In fact, over the past few years our students have had the opportunity to work on global events as well as benefited from the large exposure they have received from the Wizcraft MIME umbrella. 

Sushma Gaikwad: At Wizcraft MIME, theoretical knowledge is streamlined into simulations and projects while experiential learning opportunities are provided through mentorship, intensive internships and incubator programs. 

The programme design has enabled us at Wizcraft MIME to introduce a stream of Intrepreneurial and Entrepreneurial talent with the right attitude, knowledge and skill into the industry. We are particularly grateful to our industry colleagues for having given our students opportunities for internship as well as employment. 

Given the current situation, how are you adapting to the new normal?

Sabbas Joseph: We have on-line as well as on-campus courses.  The online courses have been operational for 3 years now and we have enhanced the opportunities available for students. More than adapting, we've enhanced our programs with interactivity and immersive sessions.  These intensive courses have mentored hundreds of students over the years. 

The interesting aspect is that being the pioneers of online event education in India has given us an edge in understanding student expectations, learning styles and each course has been developed to stimulate student learning and retention.

The on-campus courses that are available are BBA, MBA, BMS, MMS programmes which are at prestigious universities like Jain University, Chitkara and Auro University.  These education programs with their intensity are being adapted to virtual formats to deal with the restrictions of the current pandemic. Fortunately, as we were already delivering education programs online, adapting the university curriculum for virtual classrooms has been seamless.

Sushma Gaikwad: I would like to add that our on-line courses are learning optimisation specific courses that are developed with intuitive instructional design. These courses optimise student learning preference and provide an opportunity for students to gain from industry perspectives as well as peer-to-peer learning. These courses are hosted and delivered on a learning management system that tracks student understanding, learning and growth through the tenure of the course while providing an opportunity to interact in a close-knit community to heighten the feeling of belonging and camaraderie.

Tell us about the new courses that you have launched recently.  

Sushma Gaikwad: We have added to our existing on-line courses with a range of specialised hybrid courses ideal for students aspiring to be event managers of a high caliber. This year, we will continue with our Signature Event Master Programme and Corporate Event Programme which is an intensive course that provides comprehensive knowledge in all aspects of Event Management.  

We are currently also offering a specialised  Global Wedding Academy -Wedding Management Course which has been specially designed for on-line instruction. What is also exciting, is that we have launched a brand new course on Virtual Events, which is the first course of its kind. The Virtual Event course is being offered with a perspective to enable students as well as current event professionals and agencies with deep dive knowledge and skills to design, plan and execute an impactful Virtual Event.  There are many other courses that will be launched shortly.

How has the response been to these new courses?

Sabbas Joseph:  Event Management is no longer an isolated speciality.  It is an integral component of the media ecosystem.  Specialisation in Event Management provides students with expertise in experiential communication which is applicable across various industries as well. The response to the courses has been overwhelming. Over the past few years, Wizcraft MIME has been launching online programmes that are highly specialised and designed to provide deep learning.  

Our certified students benefit from the experience of the faculty and design of the course and this has generated great word of mouth.  There is no better response than one that is generated through student referrals.  In fact, the on-campus courses have received an encouraging response as students are eager to enrol in the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes with a perspective to obtain formal education specialising in events, sports and experiential communication.  

How do you make sure that the online teaching curriculum is as effective as classroom training?

Sushma Gaikwad: Our online courses have adopted a structured approach and are developed with strong instructional design elements.  The courses go beyond lectures on zoom meets. The Wizcraft MIME courses adopt simulative techniques built to stimulate Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic and Sensory learning.  

The online course is available on a system that enables us to generate simulative environments for the students.  This is enhanced by on location role plays, intensive project work, peer to peer learning opportunities, break away discussion.  Moreover, student tracking, assessments, feedback systems and community engagement play an important role while planning an online course. With advancement in technology, there is an opportunity to create a hybrid course that provides students to explore and implement the various principles of Media & Entertainment.

Your message to the students aspiring to become event and entertainment management professionals.

Sabbas Joseph: The events, sports and entertainment industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Leaving aside the size of the industry which is estimated by EEMA - the industry's apex body- at Rs 50,0000 crores, the impact of the industry on culture, perception and well-being is larger than life.

The industry draws youth with an entrepreneurial mindset to join the industry and learn from professionals before embarking on their own journey as entrepreneurs and job-creators. This is a sunrise industry wherein the sun does not set. Because of its youthful nature, the industry has a huge impact on world events and its work is seen in every defining moment. Government policy changes, schemes, brands, special commemorative events are recognised as extra special only when an event is hosted to mark the moment/decision.

Students must have vision, clear sense of purpose, willingness to collaborate, create-the-new every moment, commitment, dedication and passion for quality and perfection. If passionate and honest about purpose, nothing is impossible!

Sushma Gaikwad: The event & entertainment industry is constantly seeking new talent that has the right attitude and high potential. The key ingredients to be a successful professional in the event and entertainment industry are passion for creativity & innovation, attitude of excellence, a learner mindset, resourceful ability, deep integrity and respect for others.  

The ability to foster relationships is very important, as this is an industry that has been built on relationships. While considering a career in the industry, do know that there is an opportunity for career growth as the industry is growing at a rapid pace.  And yes, age of an individual does not define leadership. It is the ability to go beyond that defines leadership and unleashes true potential.



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