Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a wise decision to choose Event Planning as your career?

The event management industry is estimated to be a Rs 100000 crore value and employs over 10 million professionals. There is a major need for skilled professionals who need to have industry knowledge and project experience.

The event industry is a young, first generation industry. So far, professionals in the industry have largely learnt on the job and through trial and error; hence trained professionals from Wizcraft MIME have a high likelihood of being welcomed by the industry as much-needed next-generation professionals.

A career in event planning is both fun & challenging. No day will be a dull day at work. The fruits of labor are always rewarding. It’s not just a lucrative job but also has a strong growth potential in the future.

What is the minimum qualification required for this course? Graduates of any discipline are preferred, yet those who have completed HSC or are pursuing a Diploma may apply.

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and become a master at events through:
  • International-standard curriculum
  • Innovative 360 degree learning employing case studies, simulations,
    live projects, market visits, online workshops & more.
  • Monitored mentorship
  • Internship and placement opportunity with leading agencies