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Virtual Events
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Virtual Event Management Programme

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Duration of course – 2 months

Today’s generation lives in the golden age of technology and the new events-scape in the digital world, which combines live and digital engagements in a fused experience.

This new normal is highly interactive, connecting people for business, entertainment and education online. The path-breaking first of its kind benchmark-setting virtual event management course is designed to nurture and groom future-ready event professionals. It has also been developed and curated keeping in mind new-age expectations, protocols for virtual engagements and most importantly, future trends of this dynamic virtual events industry.

We have developed a very comprehensive syllabus and robust course program to offer students a 360° perspective and discerning exposure to the diverse and fast-evolving virtual events space. Utmost care has been taken to incorporate the right balance of academics, creativity, technology, event planning and hands-on familiarization with practical training.

The course will also integrate the disciplines of Digital Media, AR, VR, mixed media, Audio-Video Production and futuristic technology platforms to make you a well-rounded event professional.

The course is best suited for traditional event managers who worked in the physical on-ground space earlier. It is the fast track course to the world of virtual experiences.

  • Introduction to Virtual Events
  • Types of Digital Events and Virtual Event Formats
  • Elements and Key Components of a Virtual Event
  • How to plan a Virtual Event
  • Defining the Virtual Event Approach & Strategy
  • Defining the Digital Experience
  • Optimizing the User Experience
  • Creating and Curating Content for the Virtual Event Platform
  • Creating Immersive Experiences
  • Resource Planning of your team
  • Solution Partners & Legalities
  • Deploying the Virtual Event
  • Post Event Processes
  • General
  • Academic
  • Submit

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Any Relevant Experience

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4500 (18%)

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Course Price :
GST price :
4500 (18%)

Grant Total :
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